Subject RE: [firebird-support] Server-side backups and restores
Author Alan McDonald
> Here's what I do to create a local backup (into my g: drive) of a database
> that is on server 'duck':
> ..> cd c:\Progra~1\Firebird\bin
> ..> gbak -b duck:\data\myDb.fdb g:\db_backups\myDb.fbk user sysdba
> -password masterkey
> heLen
> I notice that you are calling this gbak from your firebird bin
> directory. I
> have tried it on a machine where no server is installed and I have to
> conclude that this is not possible when the client machine does not have a
> server installed on it. If it just has the client lib and gbak. I remember
> back in the version 3-4 days when the DBAdmin GUI would allow this but it
> was definitely only an available option when you connected to the local
> server as well as the remote server.
> I've also tried (from a client) using the IBBackupService and
> this too does
> not allow backups to a local file.
> Am I missing something? IS there no way of doing a backup from a client to
> it's (client) filesystem?
> Alan

sorry - gbak does work but the serviceAPI route does not?