Subject Re: [firebird-support] isNumeric()
Author Lester Caine
Ivan Prenosil wrote:

>>From: "Lester Caine"
>>I know I am going to have to create a UDF for this, but I'll ask the
>>question first.
>>I have a data source which has 'age' as a field. This is normally years,
>>but also includes some text (3 mths, infant, 2 d, etc) There are not
>>many text entries, and a lot I've filtered, but I need a check ideally
>>in the CASE statement that pulls out the 'clean' numeric year entries,
>>so I'm just left with the odd ones.
> Do you just need to test whether the value is pure numeric,
> or whether the string is number possibly followed by 'year' word,
> or do you actually need to retrieve the value itself
> ('20 years' -> 20, '24 months' -> 2, ... ) ?

Just the pure numeric case will cover 90% of the records. Then I can
leave the remaining ones for manual processing later.

Lester Caine
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