Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: foreign keys ans slow insert
Author German Pablo Gentile
Helen Borrie wrote:

>At 12:14 PM 30/09/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>>As I told German, it might be that the new index structure from Arno
>>improves this behaviour.
>>That is, IF this is the problem - for which I assume that Helen is right.
>Apparently not. I just got a private email from German indicating that he
>doesn't believe the fairy tale about long dup chains or how easy it is to
>write custom RI triggers. So there ya go. Best wait for Firebird 2 and
>hope that Arno finds that silver bullet - won't be for want of trying, I'm
>sure. :-)
Wait a minute. I understand where is the trouble and believe. I will
remove foreign keys when using firebird.
I not happy in that solution, but theres no options.
I dont want to use Firebird specific solutions like specific triggers,
dont matter if it is easy or dont. I want to be free to use the DB i
want when i want.Is not about freedom the use of *free* software?


Seriously, i must use the best of two worlds and dont have my software
chained to a db solution only.

Best regards.