Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird, Access and views, ODBC tracing
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi Alan,
> Thanks for the answers, Alan. My apologies for the long message - I
> will keep them shorter in the future.
> So if I understand you right, Access should be using a different ODBC
> call to insert into (technically through) a view than into table. Is
> this true? Is there somewhere I can find more info on what ODBC calls
> Access _should_ be making in order to use a view for inserts?
> Thanks,
> Eric

It's not a case of the ODBC "should" know -for very good reason the view is
considered a table by the driver. It's up to you, the programmer, to know
that you are inserting into a view. A view can be a join across multiple
tables. You need to know how to insert records into al/some of those tables
and construct the SQL to just what you want.