Subject RE: [firebird-support] server mode at runtime - SuperServer/Classic
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:36 PM 28/09/2004 +1000, you wrote:
> > I have run the firebird server in an m/c. I am not
> > sure whether firebird is installed in super server or
> > classic mode. Is there is any way to check server mode
> > at runtime ? i.e. some thing similar to "show version"
> > in isql.
> >
> > My requirement is to know whether firebird server is
> > running in classic or superserver mode at runtime. By
> > using some tool or via some query.
> >
> > Please do let me know about it ,
> >
> > S.Karthick
>it never switches mode. you need to have known which server you chose to
>install. the install package asked you which one you wnat and you responded

Or, if you don't remember what you did, look in the Firebird bin directory
and see whether you have fbserver.exe (Superserver) or fb_inet_server.exe

I suspect that you are really asking if there is any way for the client to
"know" whether it is connecting to a Classic server or to a
Superserver. Well, no, since the server and client modules are designed to
be quite transparent to one another, through an interface known as "the

"Mode" isn't really the right term for distinguishing Classic from
Superserver. There is no modality. They are the same server, built to
utilise the platform's process architecture and resources in different ways.