Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird, Access and views, ODBC tracing
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi all,
> Attached are a couple ODBC traces for this problem, one for a failed
> insert into the view, and one for a succesful insert. My guess is that
> either:
> a) there's a problem converting Access' date format to Firebird that
> shows up in views, but not in tables
> or
> b) there's a bug in the ODBC driver's handling of inserts into views.
> However, I can't see from these trace logs how Access submits the data
> values in either case. Does anyone have any ideas, or should I pass
> this question along to the ODBC lists?
> Thanks,
> Eric

this message size is bad form eric..
anyway - as far as Access is concerned - when it looks into an FB database,
a view is returned as a table i.e. access thinks it's a table but it's not.
check the insert statement and make sure it's not trying to insert into
VIEWNAME. if it is, then that's the problem. It has to insert into
TABLENAME - i.e. you may have to do this manually.