Subject Re: Supply Localhost as part of database path
Author davidalbiston

I am having the same problem as Shaq. I connect to a Terminal
Services session on a Win2003 server using VPN. I have set up
IBOConsole with a remote connection to the database. The installation
is SS. Everything works except user maintenance and backup/restore.

I successfully used GSEC for users but so far have failed with GBAK.

Could the problem be caused by a lack of an installation routine for
IBOConsole? Normally applications must be installed through the
Control Panel applet to work under Terminal Services.


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> Shaq,
> s> We support the database servers via Terminal Services and/or VPN.
> that's it. If you log in from a terminal session you cannot reach
> Firebird server by IPC, because it runs in a different window
> than you. This has been discussed many times before. Search the
> archives.
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