Subject Re: [firebird-support] GSEC WONT RUN
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Helen,

> In the Quick Start Guide, we should probably be more explicit in
> saying that, if you get the "Unavailable database" response, it
> means the server is not running.

Good idea, this is one of our more cryptic messages. (I remember
talk in firebird-devel about changing it, but that's for 2.0 at
the earliest.)

I've added this information to the "Important" note under "How to
change the SYSDBA password". Will upload new HTML+PDF versions this

BTW, about permissions to run gsec:

- Linux 1.5 Classic rpm: need to be root or in firebird group.
- Linux 1.5 Superserver rpm: anybody can run gsec successfully.
- Windows NT/2000 etc: must be in Power User group or higher
(normal users may execute gsec, but have no file creation
rights in Firebird tree so gsec chokes).
- Windows 95/98/ME: no restrictions (obviously).

iirc, with the Linux tar.gz installs everybody can run gsec, even
after running the install scripts.

Anyway, gsec permissions turn out not to be the original poster's

Paul Vinkenoog