Subject RE: [firebird-support] slow respons on some pc's?
Author George P Boutwell
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> I've installed the Clasic Firebird version on a RedHat 9.0 system. It
> worked okay for about a week. Since a few days the people complain
> about a significant (3 minutes) slow response from 2 of the 5 clients.
> Anybody an idea how I can find out what is going wrong or point to
> other possible causes (eg network, etc?)

A good 'trouble shoot' check-list which I've been slowly discovering over a
long time of using IB/FB is something like this:

1) Check DB's gstat -h information, (post it here if you don't know what to
look for)
Look at OIT, OAT, Index Stasticis, etc
Check that Sweep isn't active at the time the users are seeing slow
2) Check server status, free memory, disk usage, disk i/o, etc.
Basically check that you aren't using up all your memory, all your
resources on the server.
3) Try the queries from your app which users are complaining are slow, on
their sever (best if you do it at an time when they are seeing it be slow)
Here you're trying to see if there is an HUGE difference between local and
remote running of the query, if there is, then you want to check the
utilization of the network interface and possibly increase the NIC capacity.

This isn't all inclusive by an means but it's a good rough guide-line to
help you determine first if it's IB and/or How you're app is interacting
with IB, then if it's Hardware/Server, and last but not least if it's



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