Subject Re: [firebird-support] Storing files
Author Thad Humphries
I have 8+ years in document management and am familiar with several systems
that store images (including our own product, Optix, Storing images or other files
in the database is not typical; frankly, I don't know any large system that
does (I'm talking about systems with hundreds of thousands to millions of
images). Instead, the administrator sets up one or more storage profiles.
When a record is stored, the document management software places it in to the
specified storage profile and computes an object number that uniquely
identifies the file's name and location. FileNet works much the same way.

I stored images in BLOBs (or whatever Sybase's equivalent is) years ago but
that was only a few dozen small images. When you get up into the hundreds,
you're better off coming up with a method for putting the images into the
file system. Afterall, that's what file systems are made to do.

On Thursday 23 September 2004 05:25, Juan Pedro López Sáez wrote:
> ...
> I want to store binary files related to some data in my firebird
> database.

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