Subject Re: Containing vs. Like
Author fowlertrainer
> Yes and no. They are not exactly the same. CONTAINING is
> case-insensitive, in character sets that support uppercase/lowercase
> mappings. A case-insensitive search can be more costly than a
> case-sensitive one. Neither is fast, since indexes cannot be used to
> assist these searches.

But what charsets support these mappings ?
I trying with win1250, but UPPER is does not working with áé, so:
"Kovács Ágnes" is uppered as "KOVáCS ÁGNES", and the FB is not found
that record, when I type this SQL:

SELECT * FROM persons
where name containing 'kovács' and name containing 'ágnes'

How to correct this problem ?

(I need to working with Linux and Windows, so if I create UDF-s, that
everytime I need to redeclare UDF-s, when I copy the DataBase between OSs)