Subject RE: [firebird-support] TCP/IP problem with 2 networkcards in the server
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

> We are experiencing problems with Firebird when there are 2
> networkcards in the server. Sometimes it's wortking well, and
> sometimes after rebooting Firebird is trying to communicate through
> the wrong networkcard. Then after a few times rebooting, it's ok
> again. Is there a way to tell Firebird that it has to work always
> though networkcard A instead of card B ?

If you are using Firebird 1.5, you might want to check out
the parameter RemoteBindAddress in firebird.conf.

# Allows incoming connections to be bound to the IP address of a
# specific network card. It enables rejection of incoming connections
# through any other network interface except this one. By default,
# connections from any available network interface are allowed.
# Type: string
#RemoteBindAddress =

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