Subject RE: **SPAM** Re: [firebird-support] Comments+suggestions wanted: good RAD environments for newbies
Author Johan van Zyl
Hi Felix

Clarioneers are attending their Devcon "as we speak" - lots of announcements
about things to come!

You would be much better of by posting this using NewsServer: and I would suggest crossposting to
comp.lang.clarion (the one within and
softvelocity.clarion.databasedrivers, at least. Also subscribe to as many of
the NewsGroups there as may catch your fancy.

Also visit and
and Click Firebird

to start with.

Clarion can easily connect to Oracle, MySQL, FireBird, MS SQL, ASCII, CSV,
dBaseIII etc. files
Firebird using ODBC. I trust that Chris Laurie, who uses Clarion with
Firebird, and others, will respond to my CCing then with this.

Johan van Zyl
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Subject: **SPAM** Re: [firebird-support] Comments+suggestions wanted: good
RAD environments for newbies

Hi Johan:

> Clarion - it is real RAD!

Thanks for the tip. I have marginally followed Clarion news (but not
actually tried it!) for a while. I'm glad that this environment is
still alive and kicking. Clarion 6 sure seems to have taken a long
time though. Do you know whether the company is stable? What does
Clarion's future look like from your vntage point?

Do you have any thing specific to say about it? How do you connect
to Firebird? ODBC?
The main thing that interstes me about Clarion is its Clarion/ASP
plugin. It seems I could streamline Win32 and web app building with
this solution.

How would you compare Clarion with WinDev? WinDev looks
much "slicker," but I'm concerned that the English version always
seems to lag the French version in stability.


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