Subject Re: Comments+suggestions wanted: good RAD environments for newbies
Author Felix
Hi Bernard:

> Have a look at Revolution from Runtime Revolution - it is a cross-
> platform IDE that can build executables for each platform from
> the same code. The IDE is itself written in and runs within the
> same 'virtual machine' that your executable will run in. There
> are 'virtual machines' for OS X, OS 9, Win32, Linux, Sparc, Irix,
> AIX...

Thank you for confirming this. You will note that in my original
post I already indicated Revolution "looks like a potential
winner" . . . ;-)

> It is commercial, but starts at
> something like $99 for a single platform (and the most expensive
> version is $1000).

Revolution 2.5 Studio is now $299. Enterprise is $899. The only
"critical" difference seems to be that Enterprise allows you to
switch development OS platforms at will. With Studio one needs to
make a single choice. However, Studio claims to create executables
that run on all supported platforms at no extra cost.

> The code is very readable (just about the most English-like
> code you will ever come across). It is another world from coding
> in Delphi or C++ or Java - in fact, it is a lot easier than VB.

It really does sound exactly like what I am looking for. In your
opinion, are Revolution applications reasonably fast?

> You would have to access Firebird via ODBC though...

Revolution supports native mySQL access. Perhaps they will see the
groundswell behind Firebird and soon support this platform (natively)

Thanks again.