Subject Re: Speed issues
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
--- In, "Nigel Weeks" wrote:
> Our application(powered by Firebird 1.5) is running slightly slow.
> I did a 'top' command, and got a screenshot, but I'm not sure if it
> needs
> more:
> Memory
> Swap space
> faster disk IO
> If anyone's able to diagnose a top listing, can they let me know?
> (I don't want to send a 55k gif image to everyone on the list...)
> Nige.

Hi Nigel,
don't worry about the 55k gif image, this list doesn't allow
attachments anyway...

I'm not amongst those able to diagnose a top listing (I don't even
know what it is), nor do I know much (if anything) about memory, CPU,
swap space or disk IO. What I do know a bit about is queries and plans
and the first place to start checking if things are running slow
(well, at least from the point of a hardware ignorant) is to check the
gap between the oldest active transaction and the next transaction,
and if that gap isn't too big, see if it is possible to identify a
slow query and post the query and it's plan to this list (or solve it
yourself if the problem is easy to spot).

If you've already done these things, then it may be time to consider
what you mention (as well as page size and operating system?).