Subject RE: [firebird-support] build library
Author Nigel Weeks
You've tried simply copying the .so and any gcc33 libs required from the
fbsd to the obsd?


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Subject: [firebird-support] build library


I've a FreeBSD machine with Firebird and a OpenBSD machine which
should connect to Firebird on FreeBSD. Is it possible to build only
the library (

I tried to build firebird on OpenBSD, so I changed to
*-*-openbsd*) and rerun autoconf. My main problem is, that OpenBSD
uses g++ instead eg++. I tried 'env CC=egcc CXX=eg++ ./configure' or
'./configure CC=egcc CXX=eg++' but it uses only g++.

Have you any idea, how to build

Thanks for your help.

Dominik Fässler

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