Subject Re: [firebird-support] Selectable sored procedure and SP inside it
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Raigo wrote:

>How to put inside a selectable Stored Procedure another Stored Procedure?
>I have following procedure. problem here is that only one row is
>returned from there (there is suppose to be lot more). What may be wrong
>CREATE PROCEDURE sp_toopaev_tunnid
>fkood VARCHAR(10),
>isikid VARCHAR(11),
>too_tegevus VARCHAR(2),
>algus date,
>lopp date,
>tootatud_oosel double precision,
>tootatud_paeval double precision,
>tootatud_ohtul double precision)
>for select fkood, isikid, too_tegevus, algus, lopp from v_toopaev into
>:fkood, :isikid, :too_tegevus, :algus, :lopp
>select tootatud_oosel, tootatud_paeval, tootatud_ohtul from
>SP_TOOPAEV_TUNDE(:algus, :lopp) into :tootatud_oosel, :tootatud_paeval,
Hi !

Maybe the problem is inside SP SP_TOOPAEV_TUNDE, put the code of this too...

see you !


Alexandre Benson Smith
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