Subject Suggested Resources Required
Author Myles Wakeham
We have successfully completed a Windows version of a 'Plug-in' to the 4th
Dimension programming language, that will allow 4D developers to natively
communicate with Firebird. This has been a major coup for 4D developers who
have routinely been forced into paying expensive license fees to access 4D
database technologies. We can at least give them options now on working
with Open Source technologies for this.

4D is a cross platform environment that runs both on Mac OSX and Windows.
We are porting this plug-in to Macintosh at the moment, but my Mac developer
is running into a lot of questions on the Firebird Libraries. I realize
that this is more Firebird development related, but in order to complete
this software I'm looking for tips on resources, mailing lists, etc. for
Macintosh Firebird development that might assist in porting this over to the

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Myles Wakeham
Director of Engineering
Tech Solutions Inc.
Scottsdale, Arizona USA
Phone (480) 451-7440