Subject Re: firebird events question
Author Photios Loupis (4T)
I have a similar situation that I have found a way around.

For every record INSERTED into my db I used the triggers to associate
the message to a client and client application. I have listeners
that process records based on the ApplicationId assignedto the record
based on certain rules. The event that is raised uses the
ApplicationId as the event name in the AFTER_INSERT trigger, ie

POST_EVENT NEW."ApplicationId";

The listeners configuration contains which ApplicationIds they
process and so when they are loaded they modify the TIBEvents
component and register the event(s). Upon receiving the event the
query the db for records and process them...etc etc

Hope this helps

--- In, "russellbelding"
<russell@b...> wrote:
> I am using After-Insert, After-Update and After-Delete triggers and
> in them POST_EVENT lines to signal that a table has changed to
> listeners. So my statements are like
> TO receive these events clients register as a listener
> for 'EVENT_NAME'.
> If I am the client who made the event happen I do not want to act
> the event. If another client made the event happen I want to take
> action.
> If listeners could register to be notified for events 'EVENT_NAME*'
> they could get notification of events named
> 'EVENT_NAME001', 'EVENT_NAME002' and so on. But Firebird does not
> permit having wildcards in listener registration (does it?).
> Is there any reliable way for me to not act on an event I have
> caused?
> Thanks for any suggesions.
> Russell Belding