Subject Re: [firebird-support] Adding time to date
Author Ivan Prenosil
> How to add TIME part do DATE in SELECT query? i am using FB 1.0.3.
> dialect 1.
> using just
> select
> CAST(extract(day from lopp)||'.'||extract(month from
> lopp)||'.'||extract(year from lopp) ||' 00:00:00' as date) as lopp
> from toopaev
> gives me only date, but does not have time part.

What exactly are you doing ? Does youf field already contain
some time and you want it to be 0:0:0 ?

In dialect 1, the DATE datatype
is in fact TIMESTAMP, so it *always* contains time.

If you are using ISQL, you have to use command SET TIME ON;
in order the time part become visible.