Subject Re: Problem with ODBC connection to Linux FB server
Author alex_skopal
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 05:42 AM 16/09/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >I have installed Mandrake Linux 10 and Firebird SS 1.5. On this
> >machine I can connect to database and work with it.
> >
> >When I try to connect through ODBC from another machine (Win 98) I
> >always obtain after 1 minute wait time message "Unable to complete
> >network request to host "". Failed to establish
> >connection. unknown Win32 error 10060"
> >
> >Through the same ODBC client I can connect to another Firebird
> >on Win XP without problems.
> >
> >I think the problem is somwhere on server side. In /etc/services
> >exists gds_db 3050/tcp. First I tried to establish connection with
> >firewall set to allow 3050/tcp then without firewall but without
> >success.
> >
> >Can anybody help me?
> Have you tried pinging the Linux server from the Win98 machine?
> What does the connection string look like?
> If the connection string is correct, does the firebird user on the
> have permissions for the directory that the database file is in?
> ./heLen

Ping to the Linux server from Win98 machine is OK, even ftp
connection from Win98 machine to Linux server goes OK. Firebird user
and group have rights to /home/firebird directory where I placed the
database files as well as rights to particular files are set for
firebird user and group.
Where can I find out the connection string? On ODBC connection setup
window in database field is in user field SYSDBA
aliases.conf contains zak = /home/firebird/zak.fdb