Subject Re: [firebird-support] debug builds
Author Milan Babuskov
Richard Salt wrote:
> 1. What are these for?

These builds have debugging info inside. That means you can debug a
server and see what the actuall code that runs it. It also mean that if
it crashes, you can read where in source code it happened (as apposed to
machine code).

> 2. Will they help me to identify causes of server crashes?

Probably won't help you directly :) But it will help FB developers if
you send them core files or simple backstrace (stack of function calls
that lead to it).

> 3. Are they ok to use on a production server?

Yes. However there is some performance penalty (the executable is much
bigger, and some compiler optimizations are turned off since it would
loose the binding with source).

> For example: I am interested in SuperServer Debug Build for Linux
> NPTL V1.5.1

Try it. If it runs fast enough, you can use it without problems.

Milan Babuskov