Subject Re: error in firebird.log
Author Richard Salt
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 07:20 PM 14/09/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >Hello everybody...
> >Super Server/main: Bad client socket, send() resulted in SIGPIPE,
> >caught by server client exited improperly or crashed ????
> >
> >What this error means? thanks, Daniel.
> It means just what it says: the server has lost contact with a
client that
> was connected. Someone switched off a workstation while connected
to a
> database...someone unplugged from the network while connected to a
> application program crashed while connected to a
> ./heLen


We also get this message, usually towards the end of the day when
people are "logging" off.

However, it often goes into in infiniate loop, repeatedly writing
the same message to the log with exactly the same timestamp until
the partition is full. When the partition is full, the processor
activity is still very high as it still continuously attempts to log
the message.

Do you have any idea what would cause this? A server restart is the
only cure I currently have.

Richard Salt

ps. Helen, the book is excellent. Thankyou.