Subject Re: [firebird-support] Linux installation first steps
Author Tanovic Branko
Federico Tello Gentile wrote:

>I'm trying to set up a Firebird database for developement on Linux. I
>find a few problems with the initial configuration.
>I installed the RPM (superserver on Fedora Core 2) and the server is
>running without a problem as a service.
>I added my user to the firebird group.
>The first thing I don't know is where to place the database. In my
>home directory? In /opt/firebird/?
>Do I *need* to set up the alias? If so, how do I use it?
>Any howto I can read?
/opt/firebird/aliases.conf should be there
and u should have

employee.fdb = /opt/firebird/examples/employee.fdb

i mostly put my database in /var/lib/firebird/