Subject Re: [firebird-support] firebird and transaction
Author Martijn Tonies
In addition to Ivans answer...

> > I'd like to know if Firebird supports 2 levels of transactions.
> >
> > To be clear:
> > I would like to open a main transaction I will be able at any time to
commit or rollback. That exists for sure. But I
> also would like inside that transaction, to open other ones I could commit
or rollback as well.
> > The objective is to implement a single undo function which was not
planned before. Another possibility I have been
> told, but I don't know for Firebird, it to set a serie of milestones you
can at anytime in the main transaction rollback
> to one of these.
> >

You cannot start transaction inside another transaction. So your
cannot be done.

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