Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to create a custom client interface for Firebird ?
Author Andy Goodchild
bsechet@... wrote:

> ....Is there a tool allowing to develop a custom client interface (form,
> state), as is it possible with Access?

Strictly Speaking no. But you could still use Access, if you want.
All you need to do is get an ODBC driver try:
Install this and Create a DSN for your new Firebird database
Then create an new Access Database and Use the GET EXTERNAL DATA | LINK
Change the File Type it is looking for to ODBC
Now Select your ODBC data source.

I can not say I have ever used this for any serious client interface
work but it certainly works on an example I just tried by linking a
single table to a simple fdb I have here.
When gets to Joining tables and using views I have not tried that.