Subject Re: Error opening database file on Mac OSX
Author phil_hhn
> >... and if anyone can tell me what the obscure error "found 2560,
> >support 10" is, please let me know...
> >TIA,
> >Phil
> >
> Phil,
> Someone with more experience with FB and MacOS than me (my
experience is
> zero, I never used a MAc in my hole life :-( ) will jump on.
> But just to do a simples test...
> Do a transportable backup on the windows server and restore it on the
> Mac, could different endianness (big/little endian) be the cause ?

Actually, my colleague that discovered this problem wondered about the
same thing - 2560 is 0x0A00, which - if you change the byte order
(big/little endian issue) - is 0x000A, AKA 10. Is it just a
coincidence (or not) that the message is "found 2560, support 10"??

I hope the windows version isn't big endian and the mac version little
endian (or vice-versa)...