Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: GBAK Error - can someone please help
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:52 AM 14/09/2004 +1000, you wrote:

>last night i found the following to work, its a mystery as to why but it
>works on all machines that i test.
>gbak -b -user ###### -password ####### SERVER:Drive:\Path\File.fdb
>the mystery is that it does not work if i dont have the SERVER qualifier
>in the Source path, no matter what i do, its not required in the target
>path for a back up, HOWEVER if i want to restore/create from a backup file
>then i must apply the following:
>gbak -r|-c -user ##### -password ######
>Drive:\Path\File.fbk SERVER:Drive:\Path\File.fdb
>so the mystery continues with the SERVER needing to be stated in the
>TARGET path this time and irrelevant in the Source for the opposite operation.
>This is not explained or mentioned in Helen's book, is this a bug, or
>something else ??? my thoughts are that it may tie to the setting of the
>Protocol when creating databases....or inside the config file for the
>actual server installation.

I thought it was. :-) a Gbak file isn't a database, it's just a file (from
the aspects of both the backup and the restore). So you *connect* to a
database in order to start a backup and you *create a file in the
filesystem* for gbak to write the backup schema and data to. In the other
direction, you open a file (gbak), and connect to the server in order to
create and connect to the new database.