Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: GBAK Error - can someone please help
Author Craig Stevens
last night i found the following to work, its a mystery as to why but it works on all machines that i test.

gbak -b -user ###### -password ####### SERVER:Drive:\Path\File.fdb Drive:\Path\file.fbk

the mystery is that it does not work if i dont have the SERVER qualifier in the Source path, no matter what i do, its not required in the target path for a back up, HOWEVER if i want to restore/create from a backup file then i must apply the following:

gbak -r|-c -user ##### -password ###### Drive:\Path\File.fbk SERVER:Drive:\Path\File.fdb

so the mystery continues with the SERVER needing to be stated in the TARGET path this time and irrelevant in the Source for the opposite operation.

This is not explained or mentioned in Helen's book, is this a bug, or something else ??? my thoughts are that it may tie to the setting of the Protocol when creating databases....or inside the config file for the actual server installation.


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Subject: [firebird-support] Re: GBAK Error - can someone please help

you have to specify the absolute path of the file to backup
(D:\DATABASE\MYBASE.GDB, not only MYBASE.GDB), especially if the
operation is not started in the database file directory.

--- In, "Craig Stevens"
<cstevens@d...> wrote:
> I am trying to backup from my local machine, a simple .fdb file
using gbak again locally, under the \bin of the current running
firebird server,
> i always get this error,
> unavailable database -
> i tried all the permutations of localhost, my own machine name, no
name, server, etc etc, and made sure the sysdba exists and has correct
> cant find out why ???
> craig
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