Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multiple Instances
Author Daniel Rail

At September 13, 2004, 14:34, Simon Carter wrote:

>> 1) Can multiple instances of firebird be installed on a
>> single machine? We are trying it, but its not been completely
>> successful.

> Yes (as far as I'm aware using fb1.5) although I havn't tried this (yet).
> OOI have you changed the "RemoteServicePort" and "RemotePipeName" setting in
> firebird.conf to a different port?

Also, set CreateInternalWindow to zero, at least for the additional
instances. This will have the side effect of disabling the local
protocol(not localhost via TCP/IP), and the server will not be able to
be restarted by the Firebird Guardian. But, it is required to have
multiple instances of Firebird running.

>> 2) If multiple instances are installed, what would stop a
>> user of one instance from simply "hijacking" another DB if he
>> knows the path to it by opening it from the other instances
>> if they have SYSDBA access to the first instance?

> You should be able to accomplish this using firebird.conf, restricting the
> paths available to each server using the "DatabaseAccess" setting.

That's exactly what should be done in this instance.

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