Subject Re: [firebird-support] Unable to create user (Linux)
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:54 AM 13/09/2004 +0000, you wrote:

> When trying to set up database on Mandrake 10 for Firebird 1.5
>SS, I copied the the file zak.fdb (emailed to me by author of
>program) into /home/firebird directory and wrote a row with alias
>into alias.conf.
>Next step should be to set up firebird user zak with password zak1.
>Starting the program gsec in /opt/firebird/bin with or without
>parameters ended with notice: "connection rejected by remote
>interface" "unable to open database"
>Can anybody help me? I am quite new to both Firebird and Linux.

Right, the database it can't open is security.fdb. So begin at
/opt/firebird/bin with

./gsec -user SYSDBA -password Ytr54reew

Substitute my password example for your own SYSDBA password which, if you
haven't changed it yet, you will find in /opt/firebird in the file
SYSDBA.password. (You can read it with cat).

If you still get the "unable to connect" message it means the server isn't

Also, don't put databases in the /opt/firebird directory. Decide on a
place in the host's physical filesystem where you are going to have
database files...if you want to be like most people, create a directory
named /data or /fbdata, off the Firebird root; or create a system user for
the database owner and store your database files in that owner's /home

The installer will have created a user named firebird. If it didn't also
create a group named firebird, create one.

Create a system user account named sysdba and also one for any database
user who is going to own databases. Then add the firebird user and these
newly-created system users to the firebird group.

If you created /data as root or some other user, log in as root and change
the owner of /data to be the firebird user:

chown -R firebird /data

Finally, go to your /data directory and give rwx permissions to the
firebird group, e.g.
chmod -R g+rwx /data