Subject Re: Hyperthreading and Hardware SMP
Author jbperez808
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>

> >If so, this will certainly be an issue for those
> >deploying shrinkwrap apps use Firebird embedded
> >people may be reluctant to turn off HT.
> Yes, correct. HT will present problems for blind deployment.
> >If these issues still exist, are they expected to
> >be gone for v2.0?
> No. They are being attended to in Vulcan and will be gone from
Firebird 3.
> Again, why not visit the website ( and get
> yourself up to score with what's going on?

Thanks for the answers. I do try to search the list before
asking, but quite often there's just way too much info
to wade through (I'm not able to monitor FB developments
as often as I would like due to time constraints), so I
have to count on the kindness of others to answer something
that may have been asked before.