Subject Re: Readme for Embedded Firebird completely wrong re connection settings
Author jbperez808
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>

> It was fixed some time ago, announced in this
> list, on Firebird-devel and on the web site. Do
> you have any better ways for us to encourage people
> such as yourself to keep current with what's going on?

I think for this particular case (because it's a
serious documentation error that will have people
tearing their hair), either the readme on the
sourceforge download itself be fixed or at the very
least the notice on the front page be highlighted in
red or something like that.

It was quite buried visually, and I completely missed
it as I skimmed through the front page. I think it's
definitely worth mentioning on the webpage notice
itself what was wrong as opposed to pointing to a link
to the corrected documentation.