Subject Re: [firebird-support] Help accessing FB in win98
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Francisco,

> What is the trick about installing and running FB 1.5.1 in win98??

There should be no "trick" necessary.

> When in WinXP, everything works fine, but in Win98 SE, the
> connection just cant be completed, using application made with java
> (with Jaybird JDBC).

I don't know what's wrong, but I'd first check if the server is up and
running. Have you tried connecting with isql, or other native admin
tools? If that works, it must be something in the Java driver. Or in
your app.

Wherever the problem lies, people here will only be able to help you
if you give more information:
- how exactly did you (try to) connect?
- what happened then: an error message? nothing? an application
- if there was an error message, what did it say *exactly*?
- etc.

Paul Vinkenoog