Subject Re: Limit connections to "localhost"
Author ben_ata
--- In, Aage Johansen
<aagjohan@o...> >
> I don't think Firebird can do it, but you can use e.g. a firewall
> something like ZeBeDee (on the server and all the clients). One of
> features of ZeBeDee is that it can restrict on IP addresses, IIRC.
> (Mentioning "localhost" in the subject makes me wonder what you
really mean...)

There are two reasons why I would like to do it:

1) I run it on my workstation which is connected to the internet, and
I want to make sure, that only connections from my workstation are
accepted. But I guess I can do that with my IPFilter as well.

2) A web application where the Firebird Server and Tomcat runs on the
same machine can be secure in the same way. No need for connections
from other machines. But again you are right, the Firewall/IPFilter
can accomplish that.