Subject RE: [firebird-support] Performance stats
Author Leyne, Sean
> Does there exist, or are there any plans to implement, a means of
> accumulating performance related stats for a Firebird database.
> Useful items would include, but not necessarily be limited to:
> 1) Active connections and what IP address they originate from.
> 2) Current or last active SQL command for each connection.
> 3) Execution time of above command.
> 4) # of IOs done by last command.
> 5) Total execution time for connection.
> 6) Total IOs done by connection.
> 7) Total length of time connection active.
> 8) Current transaction #.
> 9) Length of time current transaction active.
> This would be a big help while trying to find the cause of Firebird
> related performance problems.

There is a new Trace API functionality which has been proposed, by
Nickolay Samofatov of BroadView Software, which is intended to provide
the ability to analyze statement/server performance.

The Trace API is intended to be used to generate a log, for offline
analysis (Hint to Martijn and Holger: This would be a cool tool).

It is not intended to provide immediate/online analysis since this could
add significant system overhead.

It does not provide current connection management, i.e. active
connections, IP address, current transaction. This is a separate
feature request which is still pending.

The plan for the API is to implement it soon, we need it ourselves, but
there are no definite dates for when it will be completed or which FB
release it will be added to.