Subject Re: Importing data from SQL Server (null values issue)
Author dirknaudts
Oeps ...
Sorry Milan, apparantly I hadn't read the entire thread, wasn't aware
of his limitation to work on Linux or Mac.

But hey Avi, if this is a one time transfer, couldn't you just grab a
windows machine and do it on that one ? Just for this once, and we
won't tell anyone you actually worked on a Windows machine :-)

No just kidding, again sorry to jump in in the middle without reading
the full thread first.

When you really want to go along with the external files, you could
work with dummy field values (like '****' for strings, or -99999 for
integers, or any value which is logically impossible to have in a
given field to replace the null values).
Then you use DTS to export data to files, replacing null values to
this dummy values using a case statement in mssql, and replacing the
dummy value back to null in a before insert trigger in Firebird.

still a lot of work though :(

best regards,

Dirk Naudts.

--- In, Milan Babuskov <milanb@k...>
> dirknaudts wrote:
> > Or you can use IBExpert, together with the Interbase DataPump
> > Clevercomponents, which works fine for me :-)
> On Linux or inside VM ?
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> Milan Babuskov