Subject Re: [firebird-support] Importing data from SQL Server (null values issue)
Author Milan Babuskov
Avi Schwartz wrote:
> I need to import data from SQL Server 7.0 into a new FB 1.5.1 database.
> At this time the tables on both databases will be pretty much the
> same for now. In reading Helen's book, I understood that the only way
> to import the data into FB is by using fixed-size external files which
> will be used as tables and then selected into the real FB tables. I can
> use bcp and format files to get the fixed length data files (although it
> is a real pain to create the format files for all tables), but how do I
> handle null values? What value in the external files will be recognized
> by FB to be a null value vs. a blank string?
> Is there a better way to get the data moved?

After reading all the posts I have a suggestion for you. Since you are
on Unix-based system, the best option (IMHO) would be to use PHP. It has
direct bindings for MSSQL and Firebird. Just write a simple script that
will query one db and insert data into other. A hour of work tops.

Milan Babuskov