Subject RE: [firebird-support] Importing data from SQL Server (null values issue)
Author Edwin A. Epstein, III
I would suggest a data pump as well. I use IB Workbench 4.1. It has a
great data pump utility that can transfer between any Interbase, Firebird,
ADO, or ODBC datasource to any other Interbase, Firebird, ADO, ODBC
datasource. I myself have used it transfer a couple hundred million records
from MS Access tables via ODBC and ADO and other Interbase databases to
other Interbase databases.

It handles null values without any problem at all. The only thing to
remember is that your table does not have a not null constraint on the

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Subject: [firebird-support] Importing data from SQL Server (null values


I need to import data from SQL Server 7.0 into a new FB 1.5.1 database.
At this time the tables on both databases will be pretty much the
same for now. In reading Helen's book, I understood that the only way
to import the data into FB is by using fixed-size external files which
will be used as tables and then selected into the real FB tables. I can
use bcp and format files to get the fixed length data files (although it
is a real pain to create the format files for all tables), but how do I
handle null values? What value in the external files will be recognized
by FB to be a null value vs. a blank string?

Is there a better way to get the data moved?


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