Subject Re: AW: [firebird-support] Importing data from SQL Server (null values issue)
Author Avi Schwartz
Steffen Heil wrote:

> Hi
> Try IBDataPump.
> I can copy from / to any database, that can be accessed by ODBC.
> ODBC-Drivers for SQL Server should be easy.
> firebird-support is native in ibdatapump.
> No need for external tables here.

Thanks Steffen and Alexandre,

I tried the program but it crashes immediately upon startup. Just to
clarify, I am in a Linux/Mac environment so I had to install IBDataPump
inside Virtual PC on the Mac running Windows 2000. This may be the
reason it crashes, but in any case I am back to square one. Looks like
I still need to be able to find out how to handle null values in
external files :-(