Subject Re: Maximum concurrent connections?
Author loupisp
Once again, thank you for the responses. You seem to be very
concerned about the number of txns that we are processing (I am glad
about this as I at least now know that I am on the right track).
Our transactions are very quick and are committed directly after the
execute on the TIBStoredProc object has been called. I also trap
exceptions and roll-back the txn immediately should one occur. I am
familiar with the CommitRetain feature and I do not use it at all.
All the SQL statements are grouped into 2 triggers and 1 stored
procedure. The Stored Procedure places the record into the table and
the triggers do the rest.

--- In, "Steffen Heil" <lists@s...>
> Hi
> > I use the Interbase components in Delphi 7...
> There has been something about this on the list afair, but I don't
know for
> sure anymore. Search the archive.
> > do you know if one TIBDatabase connection can be used by multiple
> or do I have to create a connection-pool that they will utilise?
> Sorry, no.
> Right now, I am using Java only.
> > I have too many concurrent connections. The connections are
normally not
> too busy, averaging about 30 to 90 txns per minute.
> 30 to 90 txns PER CONNECTION? Hopefully not.
> > The txns are very short and are generally one Stored Procedure
call that
> launches 2 triggers, all in all probably about 4 SQL statements per
> Do you do hard commits everytime and immediately?
> Transactions should not be long-term, but if you could group some
> calls into one txn, performance could improve.
> Oh, I just remember to have read (unconfirmed), that Borlands
Components use
> COMMIT RETAIN and therefor keep the old transaction open.
> In that case, you have lots of long-running concurrent transactios.
This is
> bad.
> Regards,
> Steffen