Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Need to speed up process
Author Alan McDonald
> The only general advice I would give, is to ascertain that you
> dynimically build only 81 update statements, prepare them once and use
> parameters for the update. Commit for every 10000 updates
> (approximately, less if each update modifies many records - I think).
> If you want more specific help, ask a more specific question. Here are
> something worth mentioning:
> How complex are the updates?
> How do you build and call the updates?
> How many records does each update modify?
> What are the size of the tables, and what is the index selectivity?
> How long time does the update process take?
> How short time are you trying to achieve?
> Set

my 2c - I've done this before and in my instance it was several magnitudes
faster by creating one SP which accepts parameters (many) and doing all the
updating via the SP. Some sensible use of for select into clauses can make
for extrememly fast processing.
install the SP, run it, drop it..