Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Help! Getting error during query
Author Martijn Tonies

You mentioned you're using Database Workbench.

Can you try the "isql" command line tool and try
any query?

Also, what is your entry in the "database" box of
the database Registration Properties in Database
Workbench. Right-click your registered database
to get a popup menu and select the menu option
from there.

> I've only got my one PC. Last week I installed FB 1.5.1 over 1.5.0
> after shutting down 1.5.0. I could try completely removing and
> reinstalled 1.5.1. Recommended?
> As mentioned, I've got a single 6.6g .FDB file. In a previous thread
> I started last week, this shouldn't be a problem under XP/NTFS. For
> the hell of it, last night I reimported my data into a recreated
> database that's broken down into 2g segments. Data imported fine, but
> I'm still having the same query problems.
> I'm 2 days behind where I should be, and after numerous successful FB
> projects (albeit much smaller databases), I'll have to switch over to
> MySQL as I'm frustrated as all get out and can't spend any more time
> troubleshooting. I'm, unfortunately, VERY disappointed with FB at
> this point...

No need to get frustrated... And no need to switch
to MySQL unless you want to go back to the
stone-age. ;-)

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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