Subject Re: Problem with instalation on Mandrake Linux
Author alex_skopal
1. I installed FirebirdSS- from

2. Thanks for advice I really overlooked the second release file

there is recommended to try NPTL build for Mandrake 10, which I
am going to install.


--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 10:25 AM 1/09/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >I have just installed Mandrake Linux ver. 10.0 and tried to install
> >latest version o firebird server (SS version) into this machine.
> >
> >It should create Firebird user and group but it did not create
> >In services I can see Firebird but stopped. When I try the Start
> >button there appears short notice saying that Firebird was stopped
> >sucessfully and started OK.
> >
> >I am newbie both to Linux and Firebird and need to install third
> >party database application.
> >
> >Can anybody help me?
> Yes; but begin at the beginning...reply to both of these questions:
> 1. What is the exact file name of the kit that you installed from?
> 2. Have you read the release notes, that are in the docs
directory? There
> should be 2 PDF files, one named Firebird_v1.5.ReleaseNotes.pdf,
the other
> named Firebird_v1.5.1.ReleaseNotes.pdf. You need BOTH. The Linux
> installation notes are in _v1.5, while the *corrections* are in
> Also, please *ignore* any buttons, etc. that Mandrake
prestidigitated into
> the graphical interface. Should it ever be necessary (which
normally, it
> is not) Firebird is controlled from a shell.
> ./heLen