Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB Embedded 1.5.1 and Win98
Author Woody (TMW)
> Admittedly without reading Woody's reply to you earlier. Another thing
> to ensure is installed on Win98 is Winsock 2, as I have seen that cause
> the above message before on Win9x machines.

I only posted about the ease with which I implemented FB embedded for a new
app. Because I've been using IB for so long, I don't necessarily think about
the little nuances such as Windows files which are already loaded in my
case. However, those thing apply to both IB and FB, as well as the embedded
version. My main point was that nothing special needs to be done to use both
IB server and FB embedded on the same machine with different apps. It seems
to work beautifully, at least for me. :)

Woody (TMW)
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