Subject Re: [firebird-support] question regarding roles, users, db-owner, gbak
Author Ivan Prenosil
> 2. I've made a Db to be installed at a customer's site, and added a
> user which is granted some rights on some tables, SYSDBA (that's me)
> pasword is not given to customer (question of responsability when sth
> goes wrong). How can I allow my customer to be able to use GBAK to
> shedule backup/restore of this DB, without giving him SYSDBA
> password ? can I somehow 'grant' backup/restore rights to the User I
> created for him ?

Since is it on customers's site, do they have file access to backup file ?
(then they can do restore under whichever user they want. Backup file
is not password protected).
Do they have file access to database file or Firebird installation ?
Then juggling with usernames/passwords is just pointless
since they can either replace security database, or connect with embedded
version that does not check passwords at all, or read encrypted password
and crack it using brute force, etc...