Subject RE: [firebird-support] Port problem
Author Alan McDonald
> We are running our FB server on a different port. Most of our applications
> connect just fine. We have one application that has trouble. It works fine
> on the developer machine, but on the end users machine it says it cannot
> connect.
> Its written in Delphi 7 usining IBX. The conneciton string is like this:
> From the end user machine I can telnet and connect to the host on
> the port.
> Any ideas? I'm leaving for Fiji tommorrow and I've traveled to 6 countries
> in the last week. Its been dogging me every since we had to reinstall the
> end users computer last week and its at a very bad time. If I can
> solve this
> before tommorrow evening Pacific time I'd be utterly grateful.

I would look straight at the client lib on this suspect machine.
1. Look at the properties of the gds32.dll and ensure that it is the same
version as the developer machine.
2. Make sure there is only one copy of this lib on the machine i.e. that you
do not have a copy in the application directory as well as the system32 dir.
the app dir copy will shortcircuit an attempt to get at the system32 dir