Subject Re: [firebird-support] solaris-sparc v1.5?
Author Bud Millwood
On Monday 30 August 2004 10:50, Bjoern Reimer wrote:

> b> I watched the download page and can't find the solaris-sparc v1.5.x
> b> version. It's exists?
> I've asked several times Solaris questions but didn't get satisfying
> answers.
> As far as I've seen there are currently some problems in the Solaris
> port of fb 1.5. I'm still using the "official" 1.0.2 version for
> Solaris with growing problems.

I was just looking at the same thing, and thinking that if it's not debugged
we will definitely be interested in helping to get it to a stable state.

I just started a build here and '' bombed. I'll see if I can't get
it built and post my results.

Solaris package files are easy to make, so if we can get it built I have no
problem putting out packages.

- Bud

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