Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird Book
Author Lee Jenkins
> Wife is gonna think I'm ignoring her again...

>So? Give her the other copy! ;-)

Thank you Paul. I have had one pretty hard week and that was just to funny
to consider, I was in stitches imagining my wife reading a HUGE book on a
relational database management system!! She'd look at me like I had a
gremlin growing out my forehead if I gave that book!

Hmmm. Maybe one of my daughter would like it...nah, I didn't notice any
Hillary Duff or Keith Urban complementary CD's in the back of the book....

OK, maybe my son will read it...nope, I didn't see anything concerning
Counter-Strike or girls...

Looks like it will be both books for me!


Paul Vinkenoog

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