Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB 1.5.1 and Multi-processors
Author Daniel Rail

At August 26, 2004, 19:58, Myles Wakeham wrote:

> No. Super Server doesn't take advantage of SMP, but Firebird 2.0 (Vulcan)
> is being designed to do this.

Just a correction. That's going to be Firebird 3.0. Firebird 2.0 is
scheduled to be released for the end of this year, but will not be SMP
compliant(other than the Classic Server version).

Here's the roadmap for more details, of the future development of

> Classic Server, however, will work with SMP
> but has its own limits in functionality in comparison to Super Server.

I don't think there's that many, other than it can take more memory
than Superserver, depending on the number of connections. But, the
advantage over Superserver is that the performance is quite the same
even with a high number(100+) of connections(given that the server has enough
memory to handle them).

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